September 24, 2012

PRC: More Pinoys taking less popular courses

PRC: More Pinoys taking less popular courses 


MANILA, Philippines - The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) yesterday reported an increasing trend in the number of graduates and passers in licensure examination in what were previously identified as “unsubscribed” professions.

PRC commissioner Jennifer Manalili said they have observed growth in the number of examinees as well as those who passed in the licensure examinations for doctors, medical technologists, veterinarians and chemical engineers.

“There was a marked increase in the passing rate in one of the unsubscribed courses like medical technology. For physicians we have recorded a total of 1,860 board passers this year from only 800 two years ago,” Manalili said, adding that the passing trend for chemical engineering and veterinary medicine is also increasing.

According to her, there was a slight uptrend in other medical-related professions such as dentistry, optometry and pharmacy as well as education.

Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said employment opportunity is getting brighter for the huge number of education graduates as a result of the implementation of the new K+12 curriculum.
“The Department of Education announced that they will be needing 60,000 new teachers because of the new curriculum and that means there’s work waiting for the graduates,” she said.

However, Manalili said the PRC could not yet tell whether the shortage in certain unsubscribed courses has already been reversed.

“It’s too early to tell, but we continue to work with the Department of Labor and Employment in career advocacy program so we could educate the youth on what professions are in demand,” she said.

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